Under 16’s must be accompanied by someone over the age of 18.

Over 18’s will need to bring ID if they want to drink alcohol.


No animals allowed on site other than registered guide and hearing dogs.

The farm animals on site should be left alone at all times. Any person interfering with them may face eviction.


Barn on the Farm Festival is produced for the enjoyment of all those persons who attend. Any person who disrupts the festival under any of the below sections will leave themselves liable for eviction from site. The decision as to the eviction will be at the discretion of the Festival Manager following advice from the security staff.Persons will be liable for eviction under the following circumstances:

a) Entering or being onsite without a ticket or relevant pass/ wristband

b) Unacceptable, disruptive or anti-social behaviour*

c) Having been arrested or cautioned in connection with a criminal offence, pending or post hand-over to the Police

*Unacceptable behaviour that can lead to eviction includes:

– Illegal activity;

– Breaching the terms and conditions of entry;

– Failing to submit to a search upon entry to the site;

– Climbing barriers/walls surrounding the arena;

– Offensive behaviour;

– Throwing hard objects in the direction of people;

– Encouraging others to behave badly by incitement;

– Preventing our security or emergency services reacting to a situation;

– Taking tents with the intent of burning them;

– Throwing gas canisters onto fires;

– Building or fuelling large bonfires;

– Committing a criminal offence but not arrested by the police;

– In possession of unlawful drugs;

– Unofficially selling alcohol, tobacco, counterfeit or any unauthorised goods;

– Any other behaviour that leaves the premises licence holder open to prosecution or is not conducive to maintaining a safe event.


All evictees will be taken to the security tent where they will have their name and address taken to prevent them from applying for future tickets.Barn on the Farm Festival will not be responsible for ensuring that they leave site with their belongings.

All evictees will be evicted from site via the Main Gate and their wristbands will be removed to prevent them re-entering the festival.


Do not bring drugs to the Barn on the Farm Festival. You may be ejected from the event and may be handed over to the police.


The following items may not be brought into the site through the campsite gates:- Airhorns

– Alcohol in the possession of Under-18 year-olds

– All gas canisters of any size, including nitrous oxide.

– Any goods for unauthorised trading

– Any items which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon

– Audio recorders

– Chinese lanterns

– Excessive amounts of alcohol

– Excessive amounts of cigarettes

– Fireworks

– Flares

– Glass

– Generators

– Illegal substances

– Legal highs

– Megaphones

– Portable laser equipment and pens

– Unauthorised professional film or video equipment

– No balloons or kites to be flown on the site due to the close proximity on overhead power lines.

– No open fires on site. Disposable barbeques are permitted.

– Caravans etc will not be permitted in the campsite, a separate area is provided.


You may be body searched at the entrances.

Persons suspected of carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner, or carrying out illegal activities onsite may be searched.

In addition to the items not allowed into the campsite, the following items will not be allowed into the arena through the arena entrance:

– Cans

– Disposable BBQs

– Drinks bottles/cans (you can bring an empty plastic or metal bottle or cup to fill with drinking water at a water point)

All items will be confiscated and may not returned.


Look after your wristband!Everyone on site must wear a wristband, and if yours is damaged or lost you may not be able to enter the arena and/or may be required to leave the site.

Here are a few tips on looking after your wristband…

1. Ensure your wristband is secure and the metal clasp is properly fastened why you first get it.

2. Do not tamper with your wristband in any way.

3. Do not tie knots or add anything to your wristband. Some people may be sensitive to the plastic on some clasps. If this is the case, do not put tape on the wristband, but protect your skin with hypoallergenic tape instead.

4. What if you have a problem? As soon as you realise you have a problem, lost, damaged band etc. you must get help. If you are outside the arena, go to the wristband exchange tent where someone will help and advise you.

If you are inside the arena, do not leave, go to the arena entrance and, without leaving the arena, ask for the manager who will be able to help.


Intimate Thursday (to those with tickets including the Intimate Thursday only)

Campsite – 12:00 midday

Arena – 2pm

Behind Barn Doors Friday (to those with tickets including the Behind Barn Doors Friday only)

Campsite – 9:00a.m.

Full Arena – 12:00 midday

General Admission (Saturday & Sunday)

Campsite (to those with Weekend tickets) – 8:00am on Saturday.

Arena – 9:00am

The last band will finish around 11pm on Sunday.

The campsite closes 12:00 midday on Monday.


Food will be available from opening time till the music arena closes at 2am.

The catering companies will be cooking breakfasts, burgers, wedges, pizzas, currys and soup.

Food will also be available to purchase from the farm shop, where cash back is also available.

The main bar will be situated within the arena.

The second bar serving local ales and ciders will be situated in a room just off the courtyard area.

Fresh drinking water will be available to purchase in bottles from the bar or shop, and will also be available for free from the drinking taps in the campsite and courtyard.


No smoking in public enclosed or working areas.


In the case of an emergency contact a steward immediately.

Our 24hr site mobile number is +447900558825. This is not to be used for general enquiries!