Well folks it's less than a month to go until we'll all be down on the farm, so we thought we'd share some more goodies with you. So here's the lineup's for the Intimate Thursday and Behind Barn Doors Friday! As well as secret headliners on each night, those lucky enough to bag tickets back in August last year will be graced with the following... • Intimate Thursday •

SECRET HEADLINER, Billie Marten, Matthew and the Atlas, Dan Owen, Cassia, Vistas, Arctic Lake, Eve Belle, Abbie Piper Music.

• Behind Barn Doors Friday •

SECRET HEADLINER, Hudson Taylor, Youngr, Skinny Living, Orla Gartland, Lauren Aquilina, OUTLYA, Keir, James Gillespie, Rosie Carney, Jack Ryan, Sam Johnson, Ferris & Sylvester, Kin, Harrisen Larner-Main.

Unfortunately all of the tickets for these two nights sold out months ago, but there are still a few General Weekend tickets left for the Saturday and Sunday, which promises to be just as special! There's not many left mind, so you better grab one quick!