I've tried writing this message a number of times and just can't find the words to describe what I'm thinking. It's got to be rare to experience something that truly knocks you for six. This thing just built & built from the beauty of the Intimate Thursday to the thunderous Main Stage drums rolling out into the night sky on Sunday. And as it came to a close I realised I could barely walk, let alone think about anything. I was completely lost. Lost in the most incredible space with the most incredible people. What's strange is that there seemed to be a farm full of people all alongside me feeling exactly the same thing. It's so tricky to describe Barn on the Farm and it's because it's not any of the tangible or physical things that make it what it is... Forget about the barns, the farm, the sound, the lights, the weather, the artists, the organisers. Strip it bare and you'd still have the same thing. It's just people coming together to experience music. That's what Barn on the Farm is. It's so simple.

So thank you. Not for coming to a farm in Gloucester but instead for just being you. And you know what - Barn on the Farm doesn't end on the farm. Just take it with you and get lost in other moments. Wherever this journey goes...

Josh, Oz, Alice, Abbie & Matt x

Josh Sanger