Barn on the bloody Farm!!!! This is proper mad. 10 years!!!!! How on earth??? I still can’t believe that BOTF has become a place that we call home.
A message here from me, @sangingintherain - I’ve been getting shivers waking around the site all weekend. This whole thing was just a random idea that I literally dreamt about one evening and it has become the most incredible part of our lives and that’s because of you. We speak about the festival family a lot and it’s not because it’s a promo tool like most events, it’s because it’s absolutely true. You are our family. I feel it now, I feel after the festival when I start to miss it and hopefully will feel it for years to come. I hope you feel that too. Barn on the Farm will forever be yours. We’re all in this wonderful barn family and you don’t need a membership card or to act or look or be a certain way. It’s your festival. I want you to remember that.
@george_ezra @lewiscapaldi@maggierogers @dermotkennedy@thevaccines @gavinjameslive and all the artists that are part of the family, thank you for believing in it and for giving us the opportunity to throw the ‘small festival rule book’ in the bin. I hope this year’s festival is just the start of many more like it. Hold tight.
It would be mental if I didn’t say a huge thank you to the people in this photo. @molberry @oscarmatthews2@abigaillucy91 @skiseasonregression, thank you, thank you, thank you. Please can I get a round of applause for my best mates and the people that are the real reason we’re all able to enjoy this weekend year on year. We also have the best crew that work on Barn on the Farm. You know who you are and you’re all belters! Love ya.
Big thanks to Rob Keene for taking a punt on us and allowing the festival on his beautiful farm.

Finally I want to say a quick word about our dear friend Bryan Leitch who is one of the best lighting designers in the world and the biggest shining light of a character. With great sadness he passed away earlier this year. I approached him at a gig and told him that I ran a tiny music festival and without hearing anything about it he said he’d get involved. Much love. x

Josh Sanger